Lowe Alpine Mourne Mountain Marathon

Have you got yourself a triple M t-shirt yet? Well now is your chance as the MMM - Mourne Mountain Marathon awaits you. Not only this year but every year, those mountains don't go anywhere but they do stretch for miles and miles. Talking of stretching, you'll need plenty of exercise and training to be able to enter this beauty of a hill running competition. But don't worry, there are variety of different classes in which you can enter.

Elite Class, B, C and D are all catered for in the Mourne Mountain Marathon. For elite class you will run a course of 55km over 2 days, B class 45km over 2 days and C class 35km over two days with D class being the same distance as C Class but has a lower altitude to navigate. To be eligible for each class you need to prove accomplishment to the level you are applying to run in. The race is open to all sexes and most ages and has a lower limit of 16 years old for those keen on running but you must be accompanied by an adult.

The competition is run so that you can have teams of two, these may be veterans and a combined aged of 90+, all male, all female, mixed and family with the same again in veteran categories. The competition usually runs every September over a weekend and for two days with camping overnight during the course. You will need to attend all markers, but how you reach those markers are entirely up to you.

The marathon spans up to 55km over various terrains with Elite class being adjudged to be the most difficult. At the end your reward will be a pat on the back, a sandwich, drink and the most wonderful prize of all, the MMM T-Shirt. Oh and of course there are some cash prises of up to £500 and also equipment on offer from the current sponsor. The Event Centre is Tollymore National Outdoor Centre in Bryansford near Newcastle.

While there is a camp site pre-arranged for fell runners, no guests will be allowed and there will be rucksack checks to ensure there has been no dumping. So only carry what you really need, random checks will be made. Should you require transport there is a minibus connection from the Belfast Europa on the Friday night. Further details are available from the Marathon organisers and the MMM team.